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How Does SizeGenetics Extender Really Work?

SizeGenetics a whole new revolutionary system that designed to cover every angle of penis issue with combination of using penis extender device and exercises. It is a penis enlargement program that helps to increase length and girth in short period of time. The SizeGenetics system comes with Medical Type 1 Device and as well an access to PenisHealth databases for exercise program.

Generally, the theory behind the stretching device is that human body is known to be able to adapt external pressure. Since then, this is where body builder lift weight in order to gain a bigger muscle. And, the same principle is applied to enhance the girth and length where the traction device is designed to target several important parts for penis stretching.

Main purpose of the traction device is to enable the stretching that target on all the tissues that make up the penis. As penis traction device is used, the Tunica Albuginea, Corpora Cavernosa and Corpus Spongiosum consistently forced to adapt towards new length and to stretch accordingly. This will leads to the arteries and veins to grow in size in order to handle the increase of blood flows that will help for enlarging penis size and also harder erection. SizeGenetics provides the best results when it comes to increasing sensitivity and rock hard erection of penis.

The SizeGenetics extender comes with PenisHealth exercises on this penis enlargement program. The system merges of penis exercises and penis stretching help to maximize the gains in shorter period of time. PenisHealth exercises are able naturally improve hardness erection, sexual stamina and gain control over ejaculation. This will help to boost confidence level during sexual intercourse. Penis exercises are one of the effective solutions when it combines with usage of penis extension device.

Does SizeGenetics Can Help Enlarge Penis Size?

SizeGenetics device has been taken to penis enlargement market with new designated system ensuring gains in girth and length without doubt. The success of SizeGenetics has caught media attention as this device has been featured in GQ magazine, BBC news and also Channel 4 at UK.

Important factor that could be judge from SizeGenetics is that this device has been medically developed and recognized as Medical Type 1 Device with CE mark. Rest assure that SizeGenetics extender is safe to be used and is more effective solution compare to other methods such as penis pumps, surgery or patches.

device is exhaustively tested and invented through the most technologically advanced and highest quality medical grade materials. The SizeGenetics Extender comes with padded rubber 'comfort strap' that does not cut off the blood supply like the silicone noose straps sold with inferior devices.

In fact, this enlargement gains will remain permanently as user can stop doing exercises and using extender device once they have achieved desire results. Additionally, SizeGenetics device is clinically proven to help for straightening penis and cure Peyronie’s Disease. SizeGenetics is considered to be one of safest and most comprehensive penis enlargement solution that provides money back guarantee. 



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